Condensed, But Fun

As opposed to “Condensed Butt Fun,” which is the name of something that would surely be horrific. Anyway, when I first saw this match I thought I could write about it in one of two ways. Either based on the crowd or based on the circumstances surrounding the AJPW Taiwan Cup 2009.

Analyzing the crowd, the beginning of this match reminds me of how I’ve read a lot lately that AJPW is beginning to turn their fortunes around. Yet, since this match took place in 2009 then this was surely before the turnaround. Look at all those empty seats. Also AJPW fans might find comfort is justifying that the crowd is being quiet early on by saying that it is simply one of those quiet and respectful Japanese wrestling crowds. Yet, as the audience proves later on this is not the case. Goodness knows what this match had to wake them up from.

The other way I could talk about the match is by describing the history of the AJPW Taiwan Cup 2009. Well…what can I say about that? It was a tournament held in 2009 in Taiwan and eventually won by Kohei Suwama.

Anyway, now that I spent the majority of this entry talking about those points I thought I’d address what really stuck out about this match as a fan. The ending has an epic feel to it, which is impressive given that they had about five minutes to build to it. Shuji Kondo tries to finish Osamu Nishimura off with the Lanzarse first. For those who don’t know the Lanzarse is kind of an awkward maneuver, which is a running spear that turns into a spinebuster. Unable to get the pin Kondo then nails his finisher, the King Kong lariat! Kondo again can’t manage the pin so he becomes obsessed with hitting another lariat! Yet, Nishimura is just as obsessed with dodging it. Who gets the victory? Set aside the six minutes or so you need to watch this bout! You won’t regret it!

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3 thoughts on “Condensed, But Fun

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