Orlando Christopher Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: “Kid Hybrid” Orlando Christopher is only 25 and has already been wrestling for about eight years. Fighting out of Michigan, Christopher has worked for Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (XICW) since 2006, beginning shortly after he… Read More ›

Tim Donst Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: Before becoming a professional wrestler Tim Donst had a background in amateur wrestling contests dating all the way back to his junior high school days. Donst’s amateur training is evident in his current in-ring work… Read More ›

Dean Ambrose in HWA

by Daniel Johnson Jon Moxley vs. Cannonball Callihan Last night’s WWE Payback featured plenty of great action from young stars and the announcement that Rob Van Dam was returning. This first point may be far more significant than the second… Read More ›