UWF Stands Tall For A Classic 5 Star Encounter

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xr0mgy_nobuhiko-takada-vs-kazuo-yamazaki-5-star-match_sport?search_algo=2 This match sticks out like a sore thumb among Dave Meltzer’s favorites, but is nonetheless deserving of it’s place. After all Japan’s Universal Pro-Wrestling Federation was incredibly short lived and most likely would have produced at least another 5… Read More ›

The Viking Siege

Prior to ending Tatanka’s undefeated streak a serving as a member of Finish Parliament, Tony Halme stormed Herb Abrams’ UWF as The Viking. Aside from belonging to a different time than his later WWF gimmick, Ludvig Borga, he also has… Read More ›