The Viking Siege

Prior to ending Tatanka’s undefeated streak a serving as a member of Finish Parliament, Tony Halme stormed Herb Abrams’ UWF as The Viking. Aside from belonging to a different time than his later WWF gimmick, Ludvig Borga, he also has a much better physique. True, he is not as defined as John Morrison, but one could easily (perhaps disturbingly easily) imagine him doing a homoerotic, early Hulk Hogan-esque posedown.

On the other side of the spectrum is his opponent, The Patriot. No, that isn’t Del Wilkes, unless prior to his WWF run he grew several inches and recovered from a dangerous Twinkie addiction. In fact when you hear one of the fans yell “fat ass” while The Patriot is being helped, I am not sure if the fan is referring to the burly doctor or the fallen hero.

Just for kicks (and because I couldn’t find a video of the match without it) Captain Lou Albano and Ivan Koloff make cameos.

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