Shawn Michaels

Wrestling Game StArcade: WWF Super WrestleMania

by Alex Knapp WWF Super WrestleMania Year: 1991 (SNES), 1992 ( Sega Genesis) Systems: SNES and Sega Genesis Developer: Sculptured Software Publisher: LJN (SNES), Flying Edge (Genesis) Have you noticed that there’s been a huge dearth of wrestling games over… Read More ›

Argon Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: Argon is a Norwegian masked wrestler who has performed mostly for the Norwegian Wrestling Federation (NWF). Before dawning a mask Argon briefly wrestled under his given name, Asgeir. Argon won the NWF Young Blood Tournament… Read More ›

TNT (STHLM) Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: “Mr. Dynamite” TNT is a former holder of the Swedish Heavyweight Championship, a major title for Stockholm Wrestling (STHLM). TNT held the Swedish Heavyweight Championship for 154 days before dropping it to Hardcore Hampus just… Read More ›