25 and Under: Nick Doepp Wrestles Reed Bentley for the SWE United States Championship

by Daniel Johnson


Nick Doepp vs. Reed Bentley

Nick Doepp is a Kentucky based wrestler born in 1993 who back in October wrestled this match for the also Kentucky based Southern Wrestling Entertainment (SWE). SWE is a prolific promotion as far as the amount of shows they put on and while they may not always have the biggest crowds in size they have some of the more wild crowds in spirit. On the SWE Friday Night Fights October 17, 2014 show fans were hot for Doepp to defend the SWE United States Championship against the winner of The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award for 2013, Reed Bentley.

Bentley starts the match by pulling up his tights to mock Doepp. This move harkens back a little to Tully Blanchard who used to take small heel gestures and really blow them up to mean something. At any rate Bentley misses a a charge and goes out of the ring. Doepp then jumps out and hits Bentley with a shot to the face. Bentley doesn’t take too kindly to this ans suplexes the babyface on the outside. Bentley isn’t done with the punishment on the outside yet, either and does a running senton bomb onto Doepp after placing some ring mats on top of him.

With how much momentum the heel has it is reminiscent of The British Bulldog wrestling Shawn Michaels at WWF In Your House 8: Beware of Dog. While the babyface gets the crowd’s sympathy like Ricky Morton getting his teeth kicked in there is just no Robert Gibson to tag. This match is also like Bulldog/Michaels in another way (more on that later).

There are some hope spots in the match, but The Crown J winner is largely dominate until Doepp lands a magnificent double axe handle a good distance away from the ring. Nevertheless, Bentley delivers a running swanton bomb into the corner on the inside.

For the finish the two end up in a small package which both men get counted out on. Doepp retains.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next SWE show will be an SWE Friday Night Fights show on December 19 in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Click here for more information.

I have no idea where you can find the full results for the SWE Friday Night Fights October 17, 2014 show, but if you do then drop me a line here.

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