25 and Under: Matt Knicks at GPW First Contact

by Daniel Johnson

Matt Knicks vs. Gary Jay

In October 2013 Galaxy Pro Wrestling (GPW) debuted in Clarksville, Tennessee with GPW First Contact (featuring laser guns) showcasing Matt Knicks and the older (by five years) and more experienced (by seven years) Gary Jay.

For this match Knicks establishes himself as the face by clapping his hands to get the fans into the show and Jay establishes himself as the heel with an overly cocky, “Who’s the man, baby” shout and it is as simple as that. Jay further cements his role as the heel by landing a cheap shot to start the action. However, Knicks is the first to take down his opponent. Knicks shows off a fairly diverse moveset despite the time constraints of this match. The face’s offense includes a top rope plancha, a release German suplex and a standing shooting star press. Knicks also gets in a little comedy spot when he spins Jay around multiple times before tossing him back into the ring after his plancha. To compliment Knicks, Jay is there to strike his opponent down whenever he is gaining moment and also proves to be entertaining with his taunts in between shots. For the finish Knicks hits a running forearm variation similar to those which have worked for talents from Tito Santana to Lex Luger to Wade Barrett.

For more recent additions to the 25 and Unders series check out 25 and Under: Jack Gallow at WOW Warehouse Wars 2 and 25 and Under: Danny Danger at ACW Broken Dreams.

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