IPW: The Great Depression’s Reign of Dominance Continues

by Daniel Johnson

The Great Depression vs. Thomas Shire

After beating the bejesus out of one wrestler at the debut show of Inspire Pro Wrestling (IPW), The Great Depression with valet Penny Arcade returned for the promotion’s second event, IPW Wired for War. This time the big man with an uncanny resemblance to Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas takes on Thomas Shire, a slightly lanky young wrestler in a black and blue singlet.

After Shire is announced as being from North Carolina he does a quick Ric Flair impression and then starts the match with a shot to The Great Depression’s face, which the big man completely no-sells. Shire then tries to take The Great Depression off his feet with some amateur wrestling style take downs, but The Great Depression just shoves him off. Heck, Shire can’t even knock his opponent down after a dropkick from the top rope! The Great Depression on the other hand sends Shire down to the mat with a vicious looking clothesline. If Depression hit more moves like that then Shire’s singlet wouldn’t be the only thing black and blue on him! Over the next five minutes the John Steinbeck inspired wrestler nails Shire with some strikes and Shire can only get in a scant amount of offense. To cap off the bout The Great Depression digs his hands into Shire’s face. The ring announcer then botches the finish by first saying The Great Depression had been disqualified then correcting himself by saying The Great Depression has won by referee stoppage. Oh well, I guess that botch makes the whole affair feel a little more authentic. A good showing by both men with The Great Depression doing well in his role as the immovable object and Shire selling his heart out.

Since this match took place in September, The Great Depression has wrestled once more for IPW. He has yet to be pinned or submitted.

To check out more of The Great Depression take a look at 25 and Under: Jeff Gant Wrestles in IPW’s Second Match Ever or witness another masked hoss by viewing Savio Vega and the Bear Hug That Just Wouldn’t Stop.

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