Savio Vega and the Bear Hug That Just Wouldn’t Stop

Here, TNT (later known as Savio Vega) almost meets his end against a pasty, dilapidated moonbounce of a big man wrestler, King Kong. Kong really makes you appreciate the more agile big men such as Bam Bam Bigelow, Vader, heck even King Kong Bundy.

The best (worst) part of this match is undoubtedly the nearly never ending bear hug that Kong clamps on TNT. It’s a shame Savio wasn’t literally made out of explosives as at least that might have put an end to the longest Puerto Rican rest hold of 1991. If Vega hadn’t managed to duck Kong’s splash into the corner he might still be in that rest hold today. It might have been for the better that way though. At least then we wouldn’t have gotten Los Boricuas or worse still the 1995 King of the Ring.

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