Macho Gets His Arm Caught

Well, here is a match that got my hopes up until they were quickly crushed like so many elbows in lengthy arm submission holds. Here is “Macho Man” Randy Savage in his prime in front of a red hot crowd in Puerto Rico. Hey look! Savage is taking on a guy who isn’t Huracan Castillo Sr. so the match might even last longer than a trip to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, Invader III, the fiendish Johnny Rivera throws out any chance of letting Savage shine by clamping on a rest hold (hoping to rest from what, I wish I knew) that would make WWC’s King Kong jealous. Fortunately, Savage fights and fights and finally gets out of the thing until…Rivera slaps on the exact same hold. Savage battles his way out once again and the two start brawling, but the ref rules a “doble descalificacion” before anything truly great happens.

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