Dr. Death Debuts

Wow! Everything about this clip is mildly amusing. First, Nurse Kratchett comes out and gives a promo that convinces the viewer that she must be a real nurse. Not because she is particularly convincing or anything, but her tired voice makes it sound like she just worked a 20 hour shift at the local hospital. Along with her is the debuting “star” Dr. Death. Yet, instead of getting the much beloved Steve Williams, little known Kenny Kendall is instead in full blown doctor gear with scrubs, mask and before the match he even puts on rubber gloves!

Across the ring from Dr. Death is Freezer Thompson. I can only guess that they called him Freezer Thompson because before his matches he was always digging ice cream sandwiches out of the freezer. The squash ends abruptly when Nurse Kratchett hits Freezer with a bedpan and produces a sound right out of a Three Stooges short.


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