Liger and Sasuke Attempt a 6 Star Match

In the mid 1990s wrestlers like Jushin “Thunder” Liger and The Great Sasuke were on such a hot streak that it almost seemed like Dave Meltzer would have to start giving out 6 star ratings. 1994 in particular was a year where The Great Sasuke went from being a great wrestler to being one of the all time great wrestlers.

Sasuke sets the pace from the start by flying at Liger and the two soon go outside. Just as quickly back in, Sasuke slaps on a rest hold that unlike others actually has purpose. The hold builds anticipation for the coming action and Liger is not shy about selling it.

As soon as Liger gets his arm out of Sasuke’s clutches a series of breathtaking maneuvers erupt ending with Sasuke scoring a two count after he kicks Liger in the face. Right after the two count Sasuke is back to the arm. Liger escapes again, but Sasuke stays in control hitting a tombstone piledriver and an Asai moonsault where he flies into the audience.

Liger finally gets some offense in when he cuts off Sasuke’s attack while Liger is entering the ring. There is then some good back and forth action leading to a top rope crossbody from Sasuke out to the floor, hitting Liger and sending both down to the pad-free cement.

Back inside the high flyers go back to exchanging awesome moves. Sasuke hits a crucifix bomb so Liger hits a release German suplex. Liger finally in firm control nails a tombstone piledriver, a diving headbutt, a hurricanrana and a fisherman suplex, but is unable to put Sasuke away!

The match ends when Sasuke attempts a top rope move, but Liger cuts him off with a top rope fisherman for the three!

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