The Women of LLUSA

by Daniel Johnson

Nurse Krissy Sealice vs. Nikki Corleone

As much as I’d like to feature more LLUSA action I fear this may be one of the last clips to make it to this website. The reason? LLUSA really needs to start updating their YouTube channel again! It’s been nearly a year. It’s a shame too. I thought we’d finally have a place other than ROH where Kevin Kelly could strategically angle himself to hide his massive bald spot.

As for the actually quality of this match it features two women with some potential. One of them is evidently a nurse. I wonder if she knows Nurse Kratchett? At any rate Sealice unquestionably gives the better performance and actually brings some psychology to the table by targeting Corleone’s back first with a backbreaker and then following that up with a submission. She also uses some standard heel moves such as choking Corleone on the ropes and rubbing her face into the mat.

By contrast though she looks athletic enough Corleone is sloppy in this one. She hits a sloppy slam then a sloppy fallaway slam. That second one probably left Scott Hall crying somewhere (hopefully not into a glass of rum). At least the move Corleone uses to finish Sealice off with is neat and somewhat original looking. Plus, it looks painful for a person to be planted as hard on his or her butt as Sealice is here.

On a random note look out for a cameo by Nikki’s “brother” Marco Corleone aka Mark Jindrak. Making a cameo that lasts a few seconds before a brief women’s match rather than tapping out to Renee Dupree on WWE Monday Night Raw? Without watching a second more of Jindrak in LLUSA you already know that he has gone up in the world.

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