Honky Tonk and Neidhart on the Indies

by Daniel Johnson

Honky Tonk Man and Jim Neidhart vs. L’Emperuer and Shannon Ballard

Here is a fun little bit of nostalgia from the not too long time ago of 2008. Honky Tonk Man and Neidhart bring out the 1980’s WWF goodness in a team arguably a little less random than Kevin Sullivan and Gangrel. At least they have the Jimmy Hart connection.

Since Honky and Neidhart aren’t as mobile as they once were a lot of this match is stalling and the heels working up the crowd. Good thing Big Time Wrestling (BTW) already established heat for L’Emperuer and Shannon Ballard as evidenced by a fan holding a sign that reads, “Just kill yourself. No one likes you anyway.” That’s harsh. Speaking of harsh before one move is performed the commentary team describes the visual of Harley Race living out of his car and eating tuna out of a can, perhaps in an attempt to break a record for most depressing visual involving a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Curious, I took to Google and this was one of the first pictures to come up for the search “Harley Race hobo.” At least he had a long, luxurious hobo beard.

Getting to the match, not a whole lot can be said. Honky performs some of his standard heel moves like starting the match out with thumbs to the throats of both opponents. Still, he plays a face and sends the fans home happy with a shake, rattle and roll DDT.

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