The Ref Wins

by Daniel Johnson

LA Park vs. Petey Willaims

Since WWE finally started opening their vaults and releasing La Parka’s stuff from WCW 2000 I thought it would be a great time to feature some more of him. Fortunately this bout features the masked man taking on an opponent a little more talented in between the ropes than Buff Bagwell.

Petey Williams is on fire throughout the bout and hits a suicide dive just seconds into the action. LA Park (aka the original La Parka) is no slouch either. If he ever was a cruiserweight then at 281 lbs. he certainly isn’t anymore. Still, he can fly a little bit and hits moves like a head scissors variation off the ropes and a superplex on the smaller Williams. Meanwhile Mini Park and Lizzie Valentine Carter cheer from the sidelines, but get left speechless at one point. LA Park forces the referee to pull a sunset flip out on Petey and Park counts the win. The ref celebrates briefly, but this is just silly! The match resumes and Park nails a sweet looking slam. Both competitors are left lying on the ground momentarily as they need to take a breath from all this intense action.

This bout is compact and doesn’t go much longer than 10 minutes. The original chair man of WCW sees to that when he puts Williams away with his walk in the park finisher.

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