Black and White Rule the Ring

by Daniel Johnson

Damien Black and Tad White vs.  Crimson Al-Khemia and Irish Warrior

Since the last RWA clip featured on this site was the most viewed wrestling clip we’ve featured on here yet I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include another from RWA. Unfortunately for some and perhaps fortunately for a lot more this clip doesn’t feature a gimmick like a 10 year old winning a wrestling championship. Yet, it does feature RWA’s Mike Montero and his long, luxurious hippie hair being confronted by RWA regular Mike Graca.

As for the match it includes Damien Black, one of the more talented members of the RWA locker room teaming with Tad White. As far as I can tell the bulk of their gimmick hinges on Damien Black being a white guy with “Black” for his last name and Tad White being a black guy with “White” for his last name. Cutting edge stuff. Across the ring is cruiserweight sensation Crimson Al-Khemia and Irish Warrior (not Sheamus). Despite being a cruiserweight sensation Al-Khemia stays grounded for the majority of this match and for some reason Black also decides not to showcase his more athletic abilities. On the positive side Black twists Al-Khemia’s legs at one point in an innovative submission that leaves Al-Khemia’s lower half looking like a pretzel. The end comes with something a little less exciting and White drives Al-Khemia into the canvas with a choke slam.

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