Tanaka and Ishii Live Strong Style

by Daniel Johnson

Masato Tanaka vs. Tomohiro Ishii

For American wrestling fans the smoke is still clearing from WWE’s 2013 Royal Rumble. While there was plenty of entertaining action and even more for people to complain about there was no match quite like this on the card. The entire bout is Tanaka and Ishii trying to one-up each other while being as stiff as possible. First they begin by slugging it out. From there the two move onto chops. This is just one chopfest of several that leads both competitors with beat red chests. Before long both are on all fours and are headbutting each other in an attempt to see who is tougher. Really, this looks barely like a worked match.

As far as wrestling moves go they appear rarely. Ishii delivers a powerbomb at one point that must bring up some memories of Mike Awesome for Tanaka. Tanaka also at one point is able to reverse a German suplex. Other than those and a few trademark moves used in Japanese strong style bouts (brainbusters, lariats, etc.) it all goes back to the striking. So who is more man? Only one way to find out, watch the clip!

On a random note also look out for one spectator trying in vain to start a Japanese ECW chant.

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