10 Year Old Wins Junior Heavyweight Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Damien Black vs. TJ Swift vs. Crimson Al-Khemia vs. Amanda Fox

Although I write tons about incredible in-ring competitors I’ve always been drawn to the campy and comedic side of wrestling. Hence, even though an entertaining bout with a ton of fun spots is included in this post I decided to focus on the silly part for the headline.

Anyway, scramble matches are a beautiful thing. They can lead to swell shows where interim champions are crowned that fans would otherwise never see get a top strap. This bout sees the strap in question passed around a ton. It is tough to single one person out as the MVP (not Montel Vontavious Porter) of the encounter. At first it looks like it will be TJ Swift. This young face has the fans behind him for good reason by managing to balance his athletic dominance with the vulnerability needed to be a convincing face. In particular one move where he flies out of nowhere to nail a powerbomb and score a pinfall stands out.

Yet, it is late into the second half when Damien Black performs the two best spots. He does a sweet looking 619 variation and immediately follows it up with an ace crusher. This allows him to steal the championship when…it happens. The 10 year old AJ Punk comes in at the conclusion of the match and cashes in RWA’s version of the money in the bank briefcase. I guess it is true: Anything can happen in the WWF WWE RWA!

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