Digging Deep Into Beyond’s Vault

by Daniel Johnson

Davey Vega vs. Steve West

It’s interesting to look back at the early history of promotions even if the company in question is not that old. This is one of the oldest clips available on Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube stream and if you watch one of their more recent matches you get a good idea of their growth. Here, commentator Denver Colorado talks over Vega so you can’t really make out anything he is saying during his promo before the match. Likewise, even if you could make out Vega’s words the audio is pretty weak around the ring. This also takes away from the wrestlers heckling the in-ring competitors which has since become a signature part of a Beyond show.

Still, the bout itself has it’s moments. Colorado does a good job of explaining the Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty dynamic going on with Davey Vega feeling like he carried Steve West as a partner. West responds to this by delivering a sweet looking kick to the head to open the match that is shortly followed up by a diamond European uppercut. Before long the two are fighting outside and come across a couch that looks completely out of place near a wrestling ring. At least it’s nice to see Beyond Wrestling’s talent could get comfy in the early days. Vega puts West onto it then flips onto the furniture. The bout does not last much longer. Eventually, Vega puts West away with a northern lariat followed by a discus lariat.

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