Beyond Wrestling: A Company That Cares

by Daniel Johnson

Mark Angel vs. Julian Starr

Aside from the great action in this bout featuring top ranked Beyond Wrestling competitor, Mark Angel something else stands out. No, it isn’t something Denver Colorado said, but something he probably typed. As you can see prior to the match a little word bubble pops up that says, “Click here to watch Mark Angel vs. Julian Starr without DC’s expert commentary. Listen to every grunt and groan let loose by these 2 hunks.” Good looking out, Beyond Wrestling!

Anyways it is a typical game of cat and mouse until the two let loose some impressive moves (along with grunts and groans) toward the end. Angel does a DDT through the ropes that someone wishes they could pull off as crisp. Angel then gets Starr in what Colorado calls a “stretch plumb.” Unfortunately for Angel this stretching is not enough to make Starr howl throughout the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory. Starr fights back and hits a backcracker and a sweet kick. He misses the best moonsault ever and makes Christopher Daniels weep somewhere. Angel taps into the spirit of Alex Wright and hits a release German suplex. Not one to waste time Angel follows it up with an overhead throw. Still, Starr has the last laugh and sends Angel crashing down to the mat to win.

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