Women’s Wrestling and Allotted Time

by Daniel Johnson

Gail Kim vs. Candice LaRae

This match from Big Time Wrestling (BTW) isn’t particularly impressive. Despite being a decent indie with a good size crowd the commentators spend much of the match talking about a Bret Hart appearance rather than the in-ring action. Yet, it is still better than about 75 percent of the women’s matches that will be in WWE and TNA this year. Why is that? Part of it has to do with time allotment.

This bout is about ten minutes long and has some decent spots such as Gail Kim hitting a lucha libre armdrag off the top ropes. But how long is ten minutes really? It certainly isn’t enough time to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop and for many it isn’t enough time to tell a complete story in the ring. Sure, there are plenty of exceptions. Just look up Owen Hart/1-2-3 Kid from King of the Ring 1994. Yet, not everyone can bust it out in about 5 minutes like Hart and Waltman could. To make a short match stand out takes talent and to get to that Hart/Waltman level years of finesse. If female wrestlers were given some decent time in the big leagues to work who knows what they could grow into. Of course not everyone would like to see this take place on a program like Raw, but isn’t that what NXT is for?

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