A Short and Sound Women’s Match

by Daniel Johnson

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Makoto

A while back I mentioned the difficulty involved in having a sound match without a lot of time to work with. As mentioned this has made women’s wrestling in mainstream American wrestling  tough to enjoy since a lot of those women haven’t had time to hone their craft and be able to work short and sound matches. Fortunately, AJPW just posted this match with two women who can certainly work a short and sound match.

Whether you’ve never seen a Cheerleader Melissa match or you’ve seen a thousand it doesn’t matter. Melissa telegraphs her heel status from the start by refusing to shake Makoto’s hand. Makoto responds by launching some strikes right after the bell rings. These barely phase Melissa and bounce off of her the way jobbers used to bounce off of the WWF’s Earthquake. Instead she knocks Makoto down with one hard chop. After a while she is torturing Makoto by wrapping her legs up like a pretzel while simultaneously kicking her. I don’t think I’ve even seen Dean Malenko pull off a move like that.

Yet, one high impact move is missing before Melissa can claim victory. Melissa obliterates Makoto with a vertebreaker. Will she hold out? Can she hold out? Only one way to know. Check out the bout above.

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