The First Alcobrawl

by Daniel Johnson

Giant Tiger vs. Sexxy Eddy

If you’ve never seen an alcobrawl…then maybe you should count yourself lucky. Actually, the matches tend to be a lot of fun and this first one set the standard for things to come. If you have no idea what an alcobrawl is, it is easy enough to explain. Basically, it is like beer-baseball, but with wrestling.

When ISW was looking for someone to innovate this concept there was no one better to turn to than Giant Tiger. Because of this fine selection this may be the first match in history where there is a “match of the year” shout followed immediately by a shout of “he’s going to puke.” It is also worth mentioning that, that is not the only Darren Drozdov reference in this bout, but the less said about the other the better.

As for the in-ring quality of this match it is about what one might expect. I haven’t seen a in-ring technician of the caliber of Giant Tiger since that cardboard box I stumbled over while walking home from work. At one point Tiger manages to showcase his best Hulk Hogan impression and deliver a barrage of blows to Sexxxy Eddy that would make Wade Barrett jealous. Tiger also delivers Razor Ramon’s famous finisher…which oddly enough doesn’t look that bad. Still, Eddy triumphs in the end when he pulls out a big (little?) surprise. Good thing he covers most of it up for the full moonsault.

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