Where Can We See Fat Guy Wrestlers Now? Right, Japan Will Do.

by Daniel Johnson

Big Daddy V vs. Akebono

My earliest memories as a wrestling fan come from the late 1980s/early 1990s WWF when fat guy wrestlers were not only welcomed, but allowed. Yes, for years fat guy wrestlers were a staple and included wrestlers such as Akeem, The Big Boss Man, Earthquake, Typhoon, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, etc. putting on probably hundreds of main event matches over the years. Of course it made sense if you wanted to show a guy like Hulk Hogan’s strength. While it is scientifically proven that muscle weighs more than fat it is nearly impossible find a guy as muscular as Earthquake was girthy.

These wrestlers have all, but vanished in today’s WWE. Yet, like, the Godzilla villains before them some have made their way to Japan. Mostly they make a great addition to tag matches involving smaller/more technical wrestlers. Other times they are used for their old school purpose and matched with a Hulk Hogan type. Yet, promoters being promoters sooner or latter get lazy and match two big guys against each other. The result? Almost always a mess.

This match is no exception. It starts with Akebono attempting what looks like E. Honda’s 100 hand slap. From there the two trade smacks back and forth before Akebono belly flops on Big Daddy V for the win.

Warning: Be aware if you watch this and are British it may give you terrible flashbacks.

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