An Admirable F-5 Attempt

I’ve always found Brock Lesnar’s stint in NJPW underwhelming, but that is only in comparison to his initial run in the WWE. In this match he attempts to F-5 Akebono, who weighed roughly 500 pounds minimum at the time. I won’t completely spoil what happens, but how much Brock is able to do with Akebono is shocking at points during the match. Brock’s strength is even surprising if you have seen his work with The Big Show. Lesnar also does a good job of selling though it looks like he barely needs to when Akebono hits a devastating Banzai Drop that squishes Brock into the mat.

An exciting aspect of Lesnar’s stint in NJPW was the anticipation of all the possible matches that could happen. His current run in the WWE has that same quality. After he runs in to help Johnny Ace this Sunday (unless WWE feels less predictable) hopefully we get to see some of these eagerly awaited matches.

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