TNA Sacrifice (2012) Review

This past Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view had its moments despite the show generally marking a drop-off in quality from last month’s Lockdown event. The opener was a little underwhelming because of it having little, if any real storyline. Interestingly enough the match of the night was similar as AJ Styles was defeated by Kurt Angle. Thankfully, this match was of much better quality than the opener. The Austin Aries/Bully Ray showdown was good and presented enough material to follow-up on. The main event is the best example of the drop-off in quality as James Storm/Bobby Roode was much better built last month and this match ended too abruptly with an unspectacular finisher.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeated Samoa Joe and Magnus (c) for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

The never-ending Christopher Daniels/AJ Styles feud is picking up some steam, which makes this match unfortunate. TNA really needs to get their booking straight as despite the talent of all four individuals in this match it had no heat. Are Samoa Joe and Magnus faces or heels now? Who cares? Obviously not TNA. Anyway the best part of this match was Christopher Daniels randomly missing a moonsault while Samoa Joe was standing. It’s a shame that a moment of unintentional comedy stands out the most in this match, but there you have it. The titles change hands, which will set up Christopher Daniels and Kazarian versus AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

Rating: 2.75 stars

            Gail Kim (c) defeated Brooke Tessmacher to retain the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

Before the match, an ironic hype video is shown where viewers are told not to view Brooke as just a sex object. In the course of the video she is shown in a bikini, taking off her shirt and jiggling her butt. If you don’t blink during it you can also catch her doing a dropkick and a moonsault. As for the match itself there is some really fast paced action right from the start as Gail dives at Brooke. Gail plays a great heel during the match, but then again she always does. It is a shame there isn’t a bigger venue for good women’s wrestling. Gail is quite dedicated to her craft when she is not eliminating herself from battle royals. Brooke hit a pretty fair looking elbow drop from off the top at one point, but she is no match for the treacherous Kim. Gail pins Brooke with her feet on the ropes.

Rating: 2 stars

Devon (c) defeated Robbie E and Robbie T to retain the TNA Television Championship in a three way match

I was tired of this match before it started. Does Devon really need to wrestle Robbie E again, let alone on pay-per-view? There is some brawling to start off until Devon clotheslines Robbie T over the top. Devon keeps command of the match and hits a Lou Thesz press on Robbie E and punches away. Devon makes a mistake by going to the outside to attack Robbie T. Robbie T mows Devon down on the outside. Around this time Taz gives Robbie T an odd compliment by calling him “A tugboat with abs.” Robbie T almost pins Devon, but Robbie E stops it. Devon gets the pin with a schoolboy while the Robbies argue.

Rating: 1.25 stars

Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy

The first match of the night with no title involved and the second match of the night to have a fairly interesting story leading into it. The commentators do a good job playing up the psychology of the match by pointing out how Mr. Anderson was targeting Hardy’s arm. Anderson also does a good job of selling after Hardy puts his knees up to protect himself from an attempted aerial maneuver by Anderson. Anderson manages to pin Hardy, but Hardy kicks out right before the three. Or does he? Anderson is awarded the match, but the commentators play up the fact that Hardy might have kicked out in time.

Rating: 3 stars

Crimson defeated Eric Young

Crimson comes out and issues an open challenge. The ref starts a 10 count so that Crimson can then claim a victory over…well that part is never explained. Anyway, before the ref reaches 10, Eric Young and ODB come out to answer Crimson’s challenge. Of course, Young doesn’t really want to take on Crimson so he comically goes after the ref instead. When Young and Crimson finally come to blows, Young surprisingly gets in some offense, but remember this is Crimson. You know the guy TNA has been building up seemingly forever and is “undefeated.” Young goes down at a little over six minutes.

Rating: .75 stars

Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray

Fans had reason to have high expectations going into this match. It was the best developed storyline of the night and two capable hands were in the match. Aries with his ability to pull good matches out of slouches and Bully Ray being white hot left fans with something to anticipate. Fortunately, the two delivered. The craziest moment of the match was Bully Ray kicking Aries in the face while he was on the top rope. Aries fell to the outside hitting the guardrail and looks to have legitimately scuffed up his back. Abyss’ brother, Joseph Park eventually makes a run-in leading Aries to get Bully Ray in a submission hold and the big bully taps.

Rating: 3.5 stars

            Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles

These two guys have no real reason to fight or at least nothing to fight about that has actually been mentioned on TV in the last two months and been interesting. However, it is Kurt Angle and AJ Styles we’re talking about so it is not like they’re going to have a bad match. The two use a lot of holds and some good, basic technical wrestling to start things off. As the match progresses Angle signals for the Styles Clash at one point, hoping to finish Styles off. Oddly enough the signal he uses is Scott Hall’s old taunt. Angle doesn’t win the match just yet though as shenanigans need to take place. After Christopher Daniels and Kazarian distract AJ Styles while he is in control of the match, Angle picks up the victory. The fight isn’t over yet though as Angle aids Styles in preventing a beat down from Daniels and Kazarian.

Rating: 3.75 stars

Bobby Roode (c) defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match

After the previous two matches this match was sure to disappoint unless Van Dam or Roode pulled out some surprises. Some crazy spots would have been nice, but what can fans expect with Van Dam being his 40s and a far cry from the RVD of 1998. Roode tries his best, but he is clearly out of his element. The match ends after Van Dam twists his leg while it is between the rungs of a ladder and Van Dam is on the mat. This looks weak despite the commentators trying their best to play up the injury. Van Dam comes out of the match looking bad, but he has presented much weaker performances in recent years. Maybe he will be in the zone come next month’s pay-per-view. Likewise, Roode may deliver depending on who he is paired with.

Rating: 3 stars

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