Dave Meltzer vs. Dana White

For a guy who is the president of a mammoth of a company like UFC, Dana White sure has thin skin when it comes to criticism. On Monday UFC uploaded the above video to its official YouTube channel. Rather than defend Meltzer though (after all Meltzer has already issued a response to the video saying he was cool with it more or less) I thought it would be fun to post it just to see White squirm. I mean the guy goes through all kinds of numbers and demographics just to manipulate viewers into thinking his program is doing well when it is obviously not the case. For goodness sake even YouTube commentators are presenting clearer arguments than Dana as poster mobywv wrote, “Fuel TV? You talk to Comcast and figure it out, Dana. You’re the one losing money from this.”

Anyway, since Meltzer and White never actually locked up, here is a fun little anomaly of a match today. Two wrestlers then under WWF contract fighting in a caged FMW ring.


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