Going Ape for a 5 Star Match

As promised a little while ago, here is some classic women’s wrestling. This is quite a match to start with and puts just about anything mainstream wrestling has produced in the last five years to shame with the exception of Punk/Cena.

Ric Flair is often called a great worker because virtually any match he is in he sells like crazy and gives the impression that his opponent is killing him. In this match Manami Toyota nearly puts Flair to shame. Toyota is unique though in that in addition to screaming while being attacked, she also screams while on the offense and comes off as something somewhere between a banshee and a Braveheart warrior.

Flair is not the only one Toyota one-ups. At one point she counters with a cross body off the top rope. Not the post of the top rope mind you, but the middle of the top rope like Spider-Man. Shelton Benjamin would be jealous!

As good as Manami is, Aja Kong works as a near perfect power wrestler for the duration of the match as a great complement to Manami. The running dominator move she hits in particular has to be seen to be believed.

Dave Meltzer gave this match his coveted 5 star rating. After watching it you’ll see exactly why.

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