Gangrel on the Indies

Saw this pop up on my feed on Facebook (Brawlin’ Bo Cooper and I are Facebook friends) and thought I would share. Gangrel looks pretty good despite being on the wrong end of 40. He is not exactly Chris Jericho, a guy who is past 40, but could pass for being in his 20s. However, for a guy who was picked on in kayfabe for being fat at his peak, he has held up nicely.

The match itself is a bit disappointing in how short it is, but who knows what a longer match would have brought? I liked the beginning as all the false starts reminded me a little of an old school Jerry Lawler match. Although it only would have been really like a Lawler match if Gangrel got on the mic and cut a five minute promo running down Cooper and the town the bout took place in. Oh well, I suppose that is what rematches are for.

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