TNA Sacrifice is Tonight

TNA Sacrifice goes down tonight and I for one am excited! The two matches that standout most to me are the main event of Bobby Roode/Rob Van Dam and Bully Ray/Austin Aries. I think Roode/Van Dam will put on a great performance, but I hope it isn’t too formulaic. Since I consider RVD more of a spot wrestler these days than anything, I hope his spots are at least surprising. I expect Roode to retain and hope it happens with an interesting twist just like at last month’s pay-per-view. Ray/Aries is tougher to predict in terms of outcome and match quality. It will also be interesting to see how Abyss will play into any of this.

Since three of the guys on card tonight are in this bout, I thought I would post the following match from FMW. Some impressions I got from the match.

*Aries wasn’t kidding when he recently called Bully Ray, “Blubber Ray.” I remembered him being fat, but my goodness! Also, I don’t even think this was at his fattest. He really got himself in shape.

*I would have loved to see Alfonso jump over the top rope. At least it would have stopped that whistle.

*Sabu really proves worthy of his title, “The King of Botches” in this one. Look for him barely grazing D-Von’s head at the conclusion of the match.

*Despite the negatives, this match is probably better than anything that will happen tonight! I hope I’m wrong though. Surprise me TNA!

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