That Other Puerto Rican Wrestling Company

Up until now the only matches that I have posted from Puerto Rico have been from WWC. Yet, since 1994 IWA has showcased Puerto Rican talent as well as talent off the island, quickly becoming one of Puerto Rico’s top two promotions. IWA should not be confused with IWA: Mid-South run by the scummy Ian Rotten.

Apolo starts this match off with some weak punches, but it quickly picks up as there is a nice back and forth between him and Banderas. The crowd seems a little reserved though there is a vocal minority and the fans eventually gets more into it when Banderas lets the “sangre” flow. Also, Apolo takes some wicked chair shots, but thankfully no unprotected shots to the head. On a random note, I also liked that they showed the stuff that went down prior to the match in black and white. It is just a nice little touch that transcends language.

*Not-so-Fun Fact: Banderas means flag in Spanish!

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