Vader Almost Becomes a One-Eyed Monster

This has to be one of the stiffest matches in existence! Yeah I know it was bad enough I put “one-eyed monster” in the title and now I have to go on about how stiff this match was. Anyway, here is the infamous match in which Stan Hansen and Vader pound on each other so heavily that Vader’s eye actually pops out of the socket. It may surprise some who haven’t seen the match before is that Vader’s eye pops out closer to the beginning of the match than the end of it. It is a real testament to just how tough Vader is that rather than stopping the match or slowing down, he pulls off his mask and then more or less goes on as if nothing happened.

Vader is also in his prime here, which is great. Today Vader looks nothing like he does in this video (nothing can last forever), but at least his son, Jesse White (Jake Carter) is rising up the ranks.

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