Puerto Rico

Old School Flashback: Dallas James Nearly Brands Apollo

by Daniel Johnson Dallas “Tornado” James vs. Apollo This Pro Wrestling International (PWI) match pits cowboy wrestler Dallas “Torando” James, who is accompanied by his tag team partner Austin James, against Apollo (not to be confused with the more famous… Read More ›

Paul Tracey Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: “Lord of the Manor” Paul Tracey is a veteran of the Irish wrestling scene. Tracey has held a slew of championships across the country and has also defended prestigious championships outside of Ireland’s borders. Arguably… Read More ›


by Daniel Johnson Miguel Perez vs. Gran Mendoza There are a couple of reasons that I wanted to post this clip even if it looks like the WWC cameraman smeared his lens with  Vaseline before he started filming. Neither of… Read More ›