Indie Flashback: Carlito Wrestles Mentallo for the CWE Heavyweight Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Carlito vs. Mentallo

Wrestling fans who exclusively watch mainstream American shows haven’t seen Carlito since 2010. They haven’t seen a motivated Carlito in even longer. In this match for the CWE Heavyweight Championship, Mentallo does most of the work, but Carlito manages to work the crowd well enough. Mentallo stays in control for the majority of the match and hits some sweet moves including a great dropkick, a swell northern lights suplex and Mentallo even whips out an octopus hold at one point. Carlito draws sympathy from the Canadian crowd and manages to comeback at one point when he sticks his knees up as Mentallo attempts a moonsault.

As Carlito is issuing his offense he decides to take a break and go outside of the ring to grab his signature apple so he can spit it into Mentallo’s face. Mentallo ducks Carlito’s spit and Carlito hits the referee instead. By the way the referee sells it you’d think The Great Muta just spit battery acid in his face. As this is going on Mentallo plants Carlito on the mat then hits a picture perfect moonsault, which even Christopher Daniels would give him props for, to retain his title.

Since this match took place Carlito has continued to hang around the independent scene and in particular has had some notable shows in WWC in his native Puerto Rico. He has also grown a sweet beard.

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