Old School Flashback: Dallas James Nearly Brands Apollo

by Daniel Johnson

Dallas “Tornado” James vs. Apollo

This Pro Wrestling International (PWI) match pits cowboy wrestler Dallas “Torando” James, who is accompanied by his tag team partner Austin James, against Apollo (not to be confused with the more famous Puerto Rican wrestler, Apolo).

The big banner in the background of this clip indicates that this episode of PWI TV is at least partially sponsored by Spalding (much to the chagrin of Cast Away’s Wilson), but rather than hyping sporting goods ring announcer, The Crowe introduces James straightaway. Commentator “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds pokes fun at James saying that it looks like he got his entrance gear from a Mexican restaurant. Apollo then comes out and taunts this Indianapolis, Indiana crowd by putting his fingers in his ears to ignore their voices/lack of applause. The beginning of this match features strikes, strikes and oh yeah even more strikes from Apollo. After ducking a clotheslines Apollo then tries to land some sort of wind up strike only to be caught by James. James then hits an absolutely butt ugly slam before pummeling Apollo like a nerd in the eighth grade. For the finish James hits a piledriver that looks slightly better than the slam he hit moments earlier. Yes, this one wasn’t pretty, but it was pretty brief. The clip closes with The Real Deal and fellow commentator “Dangerous D” Eugene Donaldson saying it looks like James is going to brand Apollo, but then…he doesn’t.

For more PWI action click here and here.

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