Old School Flashback: Dragon Slayer Wrestles Johnnie Walker at PWI

by Daniel Johnson

Dragon Slayer vs. “Gentleman” Johnnie Walker

This 1996 bout comes from Pro Wrestling International (PWI) based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It features Wrestlecrap’s “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds on commentary long before he founded his wildly popular website. Joining him on commentary is “Dangerous D” Eugene Donaldson. Serving as the ring announcer is a man known as The Crowe, a guy who looks somber in a all black despite the silliness of the rest of the clip. As for the competitors The Crowe announces Dragon Slayer as from medieval times. Slayer then comes out wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket and pants that look like they came from a military overstock store. “Gentleman” Johnnie Walker on the other hand comes out with a flashy ring jacket on and Reynolds teases him by calling him a Chia Pet.

As for the in-ring action unfortunately the Dragon Slayer is nowhere near as innovative as the old school video game of the same name. Instead Slayer and Walker go after one another’s arms in the beginning and then trade various moves with Irish whips thrown out every now and again. Slayer has control of the match for a while after Irish whipping Walker and clotheslining him. For their parts Reynolds and Donaldson remind me a little of the commentators of WCW Monday Nitro because they talk over a lot of the match instead choosing to promote an upcoming show featuring Mad Man Pondo and Ian Rotten, who even back then were much bigger names than Slayer and Walker. After about five minutes of action in front of this PWI TV audience, Walker slays Slayer by planting him on the mat and landing a running leg drop. Hulk Hogan eat your heart out!

For more action from PWI click here. For action from a completely unrelated PWI (Pro Wrestling Ignition) based in Australia click here.

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