Puro Flashback: Suwama Wrestles KENSO

by Daniel Johnson

Suwama vs. KENSO

This AJPW bout from nearly two years ago features Suwama and KENSO (formerly WWE’s Kenzo Suzuki) pulling out some good moves while not necessarily displaying the best chemistry with one another.

KENSO has the upper hand in the match for a brief bit in the beginning and hits plenty of strikes including some punches that look obviously worked. Heck, they might have even been making full contact, but what matters is they looked worked. Suwama gets some momentum going his way with a shoulder block and then lays in some vicious chops. Now, there’s a little bit of strong style for you! KENSO manages to throw Suwama out of the ring and gets the crowd clapping for him and then goes for a plancha over the top rope…only to miss Suwama completely and land face first into the outside mats. From there Suwama targets KENSO’s legs with some strikes, a single leg Boston crab and an ankle lock. This last move appears to really hurt KENSO because at around the 10 minute mark of this clip it sounds like KENSO is crying like a little girl. To make mattes worse KENSO then repeats the sound at around 11:25.

KENSO comes back and reminds us that he is not in fact a little girl when Suwama chops him and KENSO no-sells Suwama, Hulk Hogan style. Considering some of Suwama’s chops sound like they could easily displace a nipple, KENSO deserves some props for that. Suwama retreats to the outside and this time KENSO hits a planca over the top rope. On the outside KENSO runs into the audience, back onto the ring apron and finishes by walloping Suwama with a shoulder block. It could have been a pretty sweet spot if KENSO didn’t move so slow. Both men are down, but get back inside the ring before the referee reaches a 20 count.

With the match winding down Suwama gets a two count with a belly-to-belly suplex and then another two count with a running powerslam. KENSO then spears Suwama and gets a two count, but then misses a dropkick. KENSO starts selling his leg injuries from earlier in the match, but Suwama doesn’t pay attention to this selling and instead goes for a superplex. KENSO makes one last attempt to win the match when in desperation he pushes the referee and while the official has his back turned KENSO kicks Suwama dead in the nuts! From there KENSO lands some strikes and at one point even a shinning wizard. However, Suwama has the final upswing and wins with a belly-to-back suplex followed by a last ride powerbomb.

In more recent Suwama news his tag team with Joe Doering, Evolution earlier this month had Hikaru Sato join it thus making the group a stable. Meanwhile in recent KENSO news, his heel stable, Dark Kingdom, which formed late last year continues to struggle and face losses in AJPW.

To check out another Suwama match click here. For another KENSO match click here.

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