A Leaner, Not Really Meaner Akebono

by Daniel Johnson

Suwama vs. Akebono

This match from about a year ago shows that while Akebono has been slimming down, he has not necessarily gotten more aggressive or even all around better in the ring. Before I delve into this point though let us look at his weight loss process. How did he do it? Well, I like to think he was motivated by looking at humorous weight loss encouragement images online such as this and this.

Don’t get me wrong, Akebono is still a big boy. As such he easily knocks Suwama down with a shoulder block early on. Akebono later on stalks Suwama outside and while he delivers a butt load of strikes, none of them look particularly powerful and in fact some are quite lazily delivered. Suwama on the other hand looks like he is punching for his life and when he knocks Akebono down with a clothesline, the crowd is astonished. With a ton of adrenaline setting him on fire, Suwama signals for a powerbomb. Despite Akebono’s weight loss and Suwama’s surge of energy…there is just no way that is happening. However, Suwama is not done with his power moves yet.

For the finish Suwama strains more than Lex Luger getting The Giant/The Big Show in a torture rack and manages a massive belly-to-back suplex for the win. Somewhere a chiropractor is smiling.

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