Eight Men Collide

by Daniel Johnson

Sugar Dunkerton, Joey O’Reily, Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins vs. Matt Cage, Alex Castle, Reed Bentley and Zakk Sawyers

Here is an intriguing match from Pro Wrestling Collision (PWC) that was uploaded to the Beyond Wrestling YouTube channel less than 24 hours ago.  It features eight young wrestlers and more spots than a sassy dalmatian! Dunkerton hits a suicide dive onto Matt Cage within seconds of the bell ringing, only to be outdone by Joey O’Reily when he flips over the top rope after several wrestlers are already on the floor.

The action goes back inside the ring and Cage takes a big back body drop (good job commentary team). Brandon Espinosa is the first to really get taken apart in this match after being dominated by Alex Castle and even getting stuck in the opposing team’s corner. Some great selling by Espinosa throughout! Eventually, one-half of the Minor Threat tag team manages to make the tag, but almost just as soon O’Reily is now being dominated by the heel tag team featuring the fiendish Kentucky Buffet tag team. This happens for a while, but O’Reily gets out of his sticky situation by hitting a slingshot DDT on Cage.

Dunkerton finally comes back in as one of the legal men and locks on a figure-four. Soon there are four figure-fours filling up the ring with every member of Dunkerton’s team clamping them on the heel team. However, no one taps and chaos erupts somehow allowing Reed Bentley to win after a fishermen buster, which is spiked by Castle.

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