More Than Ultraviolent Deathmatches

by Daniel Johnson

MASADA vs. Jun Kasai

Every now and then I come across a fan who thinks CZW never progressed beyond it’s 1990’s hardcore wrestling roots. While the group still has ultraviolent deathmatches such as the the one shown in the clip above and the CZW Tournament of Death is still a mainstay in the promotion (including the upcoming Tournament of Death 12 taking place exactly one week from now), there is more to CZW than just blood and guts.

Case in point the clip below:

Alex Colon vs. Rich Swann

Now that CZW has FINALLY begun showing full matches on their official YouTube channel, hopefully more fans can learn of all the diverse wrestling talent the promotion has to offer. This match from CZW Proving Grounds 2011 showcases two driven cruiserweights and not a drop of blood is spilled throughout. In fact with Swann’s comedy, it looks like a match more at home at a CHIKARA show than a promotion known for ultraviolent deathmatches.

Swann comes out with a bucket of KFC (and I’m not talking Kayfabe Commentaries) and even the ref gets a nibble. However, Colon proves to be a buzz kill and kicks the bucket right into the crowd. Oh well, perhaps it saved a few fans from having to go to the concession stand. Swann looks at Colon with pure hatred after this and declares, “It’s chicken time.” Swann then manages to jump all over the ring before finally letting go of a drumstick. The two take turns striking and sending each other into different corners and Colon even gets in a brief chopfest.

As the match wraps up, the competitors tease going to the outside, but instead Swann is planted on his head with a dragon suplex on the ring apron that sends just Swann outside. Swann somehow manages to comeback and nail a standing 450 splash, but gets rolled up by Colon and eventually pinned.

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