ECCW’s Dreadful Bird

by Daniel Johnson

The Greedfather vs. Andy “The Dreadful” Bird

The above clip is from Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (formerly Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling…seriously). While the single camera setup leaves something to be desired for the production, the clip in at least one way reminds me why it is worth being a wrestling fan or for that matter even a wrestler. It is a world of never ending possibilities. You want to jump around at the local Russian community centre, call yourself Andy “The Dreadful” Bird and get paid for it? In wrestling you can!

Prior to this match from earlier this month, The Greedfather enters the ring with partner Red DeNero, carrying the ECCW Tag Team Championship belts. Bird first sends Greedfather out of the ring with some flying headscissors, but struggles to hit aerial maneuvers throughout the entire match because of constant interference from DeNero. Greedfather on the other hand doesn’t have that problem with his more grounded style and even hits a Shane Douglas-esque belly-to-belly suplex later on for a two count. A slam and an elbow get him another two count, but Bird kicks him in the face and almost gets the momentum going in his favor…but the number’s game catches up again with Bird.

The last big move Andy hits is a Koko B. Ware inspired brainbuster, but it is not enough. There is more interference and after another aerial attempt, Greedfather sends Bird down to the mat from the ring ropes, earning the victory. All heck breaks loose afterward, but sadly ECCW wrestler Honky Tonk Kid is nowhere to be seen. Oh well, maybe next time.

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