Site News 5/31/13

by Daniel Johnson

Hey chaps and ladies! Another month goes by and The Johnson Transcript is still kicking! The site is  not yet back on full blast, Transcriptonians. Instead of running on Diesel power, it may more closely resemble running on Kevin-Nash-in-rehab power. Don’t worry, we’ll get back up to the level of Diesel power (goodness help us). In fact, right now it is looking like the site will resume daily updates sooner than later.

In the meantime check out Wrestlemania’s 8 Awkward Main Events, which is the first new addition to the Wrestling Lists section in a while. There are also a few wrestling clip write-ups in (appropriately enough) the Wrestling Clips section. First, there is A Table Breaks at ISW in which after the titular table collapses it looks like Chris Dickinson and Jaka might have to fight some blurry opposition. Next, read some insight into a NJPW match featuring some of today’s most experienced Japanese wrestlers in Two of Japan’s Best Active Veterans, which highlights Yuji Nagata and Masato Tanaka. Finally, there is the piece, Jacks are Wild, which focuses on a recent Beyond Wrestling match showcasing Jack Bonza and Jack Verville.

Lastly. remember when the site is back on full power, the poll for The Crown J will finally take place! If you’re not down with that then I’ve got two words for you…bacon soap!

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