A Table Breaks at ISW

by Daniel Johnson

Chris Dickinson vs. Jaka

A great tradition ISW started fairly recently is Free Match Monday, which each week takes a match (usually at least decent, if not awesome) and offers the full bout to fans completely free on their YouTube channel. Don’t you wish all indie promotions did this (I’m looking at you, CZW)?

As for yesterday’s offering, the powers that be at ISW picked a whopper with Chris Dickinson and Jaka aka Jonny Mangue. The opening reminds me slightly of the main event of WWF Survivor Series 1995, when Diesel took off a turnbuckle and to show he wasn’t backing down Bret Hart did the same (speaking of that event check out that joshi match from it sometime also featuring WWF stars including these two).  Instead of taking off turnbuckles, Dickinson and Jaka throw their respective head coverings at each other.

Getting to the meat of the action the match is very slow until Dickinson hits a beautiful powerbomb, but before long Jaka takes Dickinson down with a plancha over the top rope. A fan has brought some toilet paper with him and Jaka savagely puts it in his mouth. Somehow this doesn’t save him from Dickinson suplexing him on the bare floor. Dickinson gets a brief chopfest in at the bar in the crowd , but Jaka reverses the momentum.

Jaka flies off the ring apron and crashes with Chris through a merchandise table. Apparently this legitimately gets some very blurry people very angry.

The match picks back up with Chris attempting a cheap shot in the ring, but Jaka no-sells it and punishes him with a bunch of shots. Connecticut hasn’t seen a beating like this since Linda McMahon’s last Senate campaign!

Dickinson comes back, but finds himself in a Texas cloverleaf of all things from Jaka. The two fight until eventually trading shots and Dickinson ends that by planting Jaka with another beautiful powerbomb. Dickinson misses an elbow from up top allowing Jaka to deliver some offense even earning a two count.

The action concludes when Jaka misses a splash from the top rope allowing Dickinson to hit a wheelbarrow suplex and then lifting Jaka up again to polish him off.

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