CZW: Chris Dickinson Destroys MILK Chocolate in a Handicap Match

by Daniel Johnson

Chris Dickinson vs. MILK Chocolate

This handicap match demonstrates that even if Chris Dickinson wasn’t booked in lengthy competitive matches, fans could still have one hell of a fun time watching him.

Prior to this in-ring action from CZW Night of Infamy 12, the team of MILK Chocolate (Brandon Watts and Randy Summers) come out and sing like a boy band. Summers then tears into the CZW crowd with a lot more swears than one might expect from a person with a gimmick reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys. This brings out Chris Dickinson who gets on the mic and says some very politically incorrect things, but…come on. This is Chris Dickinson we’re talking about. He’s done way worse.

After Watts claims MILK Chocolate will melt in Dickinson’s mouth, Dickinson charges at MILK Chocolate with a double clothesline that doesn’t quite knock the men off their feet. Watts and Summers respond with some double back elbows that take Dickinson down, but he is back up soon enough with a double belly-to-back suplex. Am I noticing a pattern here? If so then Dickinson breaks it up by just dishing out a brutal chopfest on MILK Chocolate. Eventually though Dickinson ends up in a corner and gets a series of running attacks from his opponents including a beautiful dropkick from Watts. For those who have never seen him wrestle before Watts is a surprisingly crisp wrestler and also hits a great looking tornado DDT a bit later on. At the risk of evoking more violent sexual imagery, MILK Chocolate imitate a finger cuffs position on Dickinson before Dickinson ends this match in the only way it could end: A sick burning hammer done to Watts on top of Summers.

I doubt there will be a rematch any time soon, but if there is perhaps Dickinson can put MILK Chocolate through some tables.

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