Indie Flashback: Adam Cole Wins the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Adam Cole vs. Ruckus vs. Sabian

CZW recently started their own Throwback Thursday series and the most recent edition of CZW Throwback Thursday features a real whopper of a match! Adam Cole is the longest reigning CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion in the company’s history with his only run with the title lasting 553 days. Every long reign needs a beginning and Cole started this one off with a bang at CZW Fist Fight in 2010!

Then champion Sabian starts the match out by hammering Cole from behind. To add insult to injury while Cole is down Sabian puts his hands in his own trunks and then splashes some liquid he got from that onto Cole. What bodily fluid Cole got hit with is anybody’s guess, but let’s just pretend it was sweat. Cole gets some unexpected help when some music hits and Ruckus comes out! Ruckus is one of the men who helped build up the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship, first winning the title all the way back in December 2001!  The referee makes this a triple threat match much to the enjoyment of the fans who then see all kinds of moves they probably weren’t expecting. Each man gets a chance to shine from Ruckus hitting a moonsault into a legdrop to Sabian performing a running swanton over the top rope to the floor to Adam Cole eventually winning it all after Sabian eliminates Ruckus.

All good reigns must also come to an end and Cole would lose the title 18 months later to Sami Callihan at CZW Night of Infamy 10: Ultimatum. The title has since been retired and unified with the CZW Wired TV Championship, but matches like this ensure that it’s legacy will live on.

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