Beyond Wrestling: Estonian Thunderfrog Takes On Qefka the Quiet

by Daniel Johson

This bout features some of the most colorful characters that have ever stepped foot in a Beyond Wrestling ring. Okay, maybe Qefka the Quiet isn’t that colorful since he is pretty much a wrestling mime and a black and white clown doesn’t bring to mind a rainbow. At any rate Qefka and his opponent, Estonian Thuderfrog are a joy to watch in this action from the CZW Academy!

Although there are some comedy spots in this contest what really stands out in it is the athleticism. From Qefka wiggling out of a fireman’s carry position and hitting a super kick to the mime flying off the ropes with a swinging DDT to Thuderfrog planting Mr. Quiet down with an F5 there is plenty worth watching. Of course the second you think you’re watching a straightforward matchup, Qefka makes a point to the contrary when he wraps an invisible lasso around Thunderfrog and pulls him in for a downward spiral (remember when that was Edge’s finisher? Well, minus the invisible lasso).

Qefka and Thunderfrog really bust out their A games for the closing moments of the match, which sees Qefka hit a beautiful top rope hurricanrana and Thunderfrog hitting an even more impressive powerbomb. Qefka manages to get his knees up though when Thunderfrog goes for a frogsplash from the top rope and you don’t need to be told anymore about how this one finishes.

In more recent Beyond Wrestling news the company has been hyping up today’s CZW To Infinity show for quite some time now with some special updates promoting matches like Biff Busick/Drew Gulak and Shane Strickland/Joe Gacy.

For more Beyond Wrestling action check out here and here.

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