Beyond Wrestling: JT Dunn Wrestles Kimber Lee

by Daniel Johnson

“The Juice” JT Dunn vs. Kimber Lee

Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014 takes place today and two of the wrestlers in marquee matches are “The Juice” JT Dunn and Kimber Lee. Before each performer entered into their current programs though they wrestled each other in an intergender match late last year on the way to the Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II finals.

At this point Green Ant aka Silver Ant had already advanced to be one of the final participants in the Tournament for Tomorrow II so the pressure was on for Dunn and Kimberly. The two shake hands, but then Dunn turns around for a second and Kimberly blindsides him with a running forearm. That sets the pace for the match and the two erupt in striking exchanges at various points later on. During the last of these encounters Dunn and Lee take their upper padding and wrist tap off then just start whaling on each other. After this brawling Lee ends the match with a Ganso bomb of all things.

In more recent Beyond Wrestling news some videos hyping up Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014 have just been released featuring Chris Dickinson and Natalia Stone (sister of Anthony Stone) and can be viewed here and here, respectively. Denver Colorado and friends have been working hard with their #SellOutFete campaign on social media to get 400 tickets sold for the show, but if you’re lucky you may still be able to pick one up.

For the full results of Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II click here, here and here.

For more recent Beyond Wrestling action click here and here.

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