Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II Write-Up

by Daniel Johnson


Last night Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II at Fete Music gave fans about five hours of entertainment. To be clear, the whole tournament did not actually take place Sunday and instead was spread out over tapings that took place on Friday and Saturday with only the finals happening on Sunday. Yet, with a slew of non-tournament matches and an epic encounter of “The Juice” JT Dunn taking on Green Ant in the finals, fans paying just $15 for general admission sure got their money’s worth.

To open the show their was an unadvertised match that saw Rory Mondo versus John Silver versus David Starr versus Matthew Palmer in a four corners match. Although it looked like it could be anyone’s match for a while eventually John Silver walked away with a submission victory.


The first advertised match of the night was one of three WSU showcase matches. Alexxis Nevaeh and Jewells Malone fought a fairly even bout that saw plenty of grappling.


Yet there can only be one winner and the end of the bout saw Nevaeh come out on top.

Up next was a gauntlet match featuring ten teams. The Minute Men (Devin Blaze and Tommy Trainwreck) opened up the match by eliminating Da Hoodz (Kris Pyro and Davey Cash) and The Contingent (Nicholas Kaye and Myke Quest).


The Minute Men did have a little help with their second elimination as Anthony Stone interfered and destroyed The Contingent with a chair. At any rate Fear and Loathing in New England (Aaron Epic and Dave Cole) were the next team to really rule the ring.


Together Epic and Cole got rid of The Minute Men and The Wingmen (Mark Shurman and Gregor Edwards) before falling victim to Le Tabarnak De Team (Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois). The next face team to come out was Usurper and Johnny Cockstrong who put away Le Tabarnak De Team, but then got attacked by the sore losers. This led to Crusade for Change (Darius Carter and TJ Marconi) to come out for an easy victory. As the bout began to wrap up, Tremendous Investigations, Inc. (Bill Carr and Dan Barry)made short work of Crusade for Change. This segued into the final segment of the match, which brought out the last team, Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster and Blaster Mcmassive). Although Barry ended up winning the match with an aerial maneuver, Carr supplied the muscle needed to overcome their brute opponents.


Before the first intermission of the night there was one more match, which pitted Ring of Honor (ROH) star, Michael Elgin against the savage Jaka. There was more than one occasion where it looked like Elgin might tap to Jaka’s fearsome jaws of the jaguar submission.


However, after a lengthy period that included a good mix of technical wrestling and brawling, Elgin finally finished Jaka off with his acclaimed spinning sit-out powerbomb aka the Elgin bomb. Following his loss, Jaka cut a rare promo on the mic where he praised Elgin and everything seemed to be cool between the two. Oh, how quickly things can change in wrestling (more on that later).


After intermission, the second WSU showcase match took place in which Christina Von Eerie made short work of Allysin Kay. Sure, it wasn’t an outright squash, but the way Kay dodged Eerie, it was obvious that Kay never had a chance. Sure, enough within barely any time at all Kay was quitting.


Up next was a 60 minute iron man match that featured Eddie Edwards battling Biff Busick. Iron man matches are one of the most difficult types of matches to book, especially 60 minute iron man matches because no matter who the competitors are they are going to have to execute some restholds just because they are human. Well, at least in this match Edwards and Busick made their restholds interesting.


Also, Edwards and Busick found other unique ways to get some rest without just laying on the mat.


The first fall did not come until over 50 minutes into the match when Busick hit a suplex variation off of the top rope. This set the stage for Edwards to spend the remainder of the match scrambling to at least tie the score. As the last seconds passed by, Edwards clamped on a single-leg Boston crab.


Alas, poor Edwards! It was not to be! Busick held out and refused to tap. After this encounter each man praised his opponent on the mic and even Denver Colorado came out to give props to the match.


This led to the second and final intermission, which was then followed by the last WSU showcase match of the night, which had Candice LaRae face Kimber Lee.


This match was a little more even than the previous WSU showcase match though Candice was certainly the crowd’s favorite and looked posed to win. Instead, Lee cradled LaRae for a surprising victory.

Up next was unquestionably the grossest performance of the night. Although Eric Corvis was in the match, all the grossness came from one Dirty Buxx Belmar.


At one point Belmar hawked a gigantic loogie into his own hand and slapped Corvis with it. The loogie literally flew right past my head. If I was standing a few inches to the left it would have landed right in my face. Talk about a unique live event experience! As bad as that was that wasn’t even the sickest part of the match. No, that honor goes to when Belmar had fans in attendance hawk loogies in his hand, which Belmar gulped down. Perhaps, all these antics caught Corvis off guard because in any event, Corvis lost the match. Corvis then cut a promo about how he no longer cares about Beyond Wrestling or it’s fans.

The penultimate match of Chris Dickinson wrestling Tommaso Ciampa was absolutely the brawl of the night. The two wrestled all over the crowd and even on the stage where all the very important people sat.


The match got so out of control that around this point referee Bryce Remsburg declared it a no disqualification match. After some brutal spots, Dickinson walked away wit the victory and then cut a promo on Ciampa. Although at first Dickinson praised Ciampa, this led to Jaka coming out to spit green mist on Ciampa and show his allegiance to Dickinson.


This in turn led to Ciampa’s ROH buddy, Michael Elgin hitting the ring. Could this set up a tag match in the near future? I think so.

The last match of the night was the finals of the Tournament for Tomorrow II, which saw “The Juice” JT Dunn take on Green Ant.


Green Ant took the fight to Dunn and was the dominant force of the encounter from the beginning.


Green Ant ended up busting open Dunn so that “The Juice” got juicy. Despite losing some blood, Dunn came back to obliterate Green Ant.


After Green Ant nearly tore Dunn in two with a double stomp from up top as Dunn lay across the apron, Dunn persevered and knocked Green Ant out with a ripcord elbow.

Following the final match, Green Ant and Dunn each had a chance to speak. Dunn closed the show by putting over the WSU women he had faced in the two days leading up to the event and thanking Beyond Wrestling and it’s fans.


As a whole this was a jam packed five hour show. Beyond Wrestling will return to Fete Music on February 16 and March 16 in 2014. A Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) show has also been scheduled for April 27. I can’t wait!

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