Indie Flashback: An Intergender Match Between Addy Starr and Dan Barry

by Daniel Johnson

Addy Starr vs. Dan Barry

The long awaited ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper took place this past Saturday. As such the folks at ISW may have been a little too busy to upload a new full match as part of ISW Free Match Monday. No worries as this clip from TheNerdSlam featuring two ISW regulars, Addy Starr and Dan Barry could always use some more views.

Aside from wrestling, Starr provides commentary for this match and revels that it took place at a fundraiser prior to a C4 Wrestling show. Starr also comments that Barry is a much better technical wrestler than her. With that in mind it makes one notice that this match has an intriguing dynamic to it. Each wrestler attempts to pull the match back to their comfort zone where their strengths lie. While Barry opens the match up with some stretching and submissions, Starr clocks him with some strikes to show off her brawling. All good things must come to an end though and so does this match. Starr comes within a hair of winning twice, once with an exploder suplex and once with a tornado DDT. In the end Barry puts Starr away with a move the commentary team has a tough time calling, but is basically a butterfly suplex into a regular suplex. Starr then says Barry calls it the “what a maneuver.” Vince McMahon should be proud.

In more recent ISW news, the results for the ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper show can be found here and a slo-mo video of Bastian Snow hitting Mathieu St. Jacques with a watermelon at the event can be found here.

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