Indie Flashback: A Banana Gets Between Jaka and El Hijo del Bamboo at ISW

by Daniel Johnson


Jaka vs. El Hijo del Bamboo

This Inter Species Wrestling (ISW) match was the opener of ISW Summer Slamtasia from June 2013. El Hijo del Bamboo first playfully looks at Jaka and though Jaka sticks out his tongue the two do not fight immediately.

Instead Jaka and Bamboo approach each other like two wild animals trying to make sense of each other. This evokes some calls from the Canadian crowd like, “he’s presenting,”  “this is the worst foreplay ever” and finally a duck, duck goose chant. Moohammad gets the crap started between these two when the wrestling cow throws a banana into the ring. At first the crowd chants for the two to share the fruit, but instead Jaka hits Bamboo with a Mongolian chop. A tad later Jaka tries to slam Bamboo and the commentators point out that this giant panda weights 5,473 lbs. In other words only about 1,000 lbs less than Andre The Giant when Hulk Hogan slammed him at WWF WrestleMania III.

Jaka makes another misake when he misses a charge into the corner leading Bamboo to hit two clotheslines. Bamboo then gets Jaka in a stunner position, but flips over him with it and plants him on the mat just like in a puroresu match. As this one winds down Jaka eat the banana then spits it in Bamboo’s face. Bamboo gets so mad he hits a sweet spinning toe kick, but then slips on a banana peel (literally) and eats Jaka’s chokeslam into a powerbomb rather than the banana.

In the last few months the folks at ISW have uploaded more and more content online ranging from wrestlers fighting in a mosh pit to political endorsements from WWE NXT superstars.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next ISW card will be ISW Slamtasia V on October 25 in Danbury, Connecticut. Click here for tickets.

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